Dutch distance measuring resource

This page is the best distance measuring resource I have tried so far. It is (of course) based on Google Maps and includes a very wide variety of tools:


The page is not only useful for the tools, but also because it is used by almost all the running events in the Netherlands and many runners post their own routes.

The tool at runningahead.com is also not bad, but the above is NL-centric.


Runniversary (well, kinda)

My Runniversary, the real one, was last June, 1st. As a reference I use the first entry in the Runninghead.com log. I actually started one or two weeks earlier with some 2-3km runs dressed in common T-shirt with my Nike Air Pegasus 28+ 1/2 a number too small because I understood that this was the correct thing to do.

In my first year of running I did 891,6 miles, that's  74mi / month. In the 5 months and 19 days from my runniversary until today I have done 690.6 mi, that's 138.12 mi/months... and this includes 2 full months of rest (!). AT this rate I will have reach 1658 mi by my second runniversary.

I didn't remember to celebrate it back in July, so that I am celebrating it now treating myself to two pairs of new running shoes (trainers, NB 620 WRB), nice merino-wool socks and el-cheapo soft shell.

Lots of miles, two half marathons, a  10k... the rest I did after the runniversary. In fact I have done more miles and races in the 5 months after my first year than in the entire year itself.

I still recall the first 6 months or so full of pain and injuries... how I went through a period of  Chi-Running that greatly helped me with my form, how I just forgot everything learnt then and started running as I felt like.  I remember who I started running with music to forget the pain and exhaustion (Behemoth's Demigod and Evangelion), how I switched later to OM, Acid Kind and Electric Wizard to calm down and avoid breathing too fast... and then one day I found myself just running listening to my own thoughts, to the rhythm of my breathing and the sound of my steps, cars, people... I switched from kilometres to miles and I found out that it helped a lot as the distances looked less frightening than in km... until it ceased to matter. I discovered that I just love running in the snow at 5:00 AM while everybody else is warm at home. I had my fair share of knee pain and ITBS but suddenly one day I ceased having issues of any kind and I did a full 12 weeks scheme without any noticeable problem besides some blisters. But the most important thing that I found was that I was engaged in something for the rest of my life, because running is not just a hobby or a sport but a way of living.