X-Training: I'm hating it!

Read the title with the famous cola jingle melody.

Nope, I'm not hating it yet, but it's a way of saying that I'm tired as hell and everything burns as crazy. Actually, 60 mins of strength training is something I do every other day and in fact I do it as circuits while today it was more a "semi-circuit" throwing in some rest between sets.

The fact is that I am pretty tired; last week should have been an easy week with 36-37 miles but it ended with 46 and some extra speed intervals thanks to the genial idea of testing my heart rate and adding 10 minutes of barefoot running to the mix. To make matters worse I tried a Tabata weights interval and a HIIT interval on the elliptical. Not too bad. Except some extra tension on my left hamstring and knees but I feel rather tired, it doesn't affect my running at all but I feel it when lifting weight.

The Tabata intervals was a total fiasco: Despite doing an awful lot of reps (push ups, chin ups, dumbbell clean squat to press, squats with and without EZ bar) I did never reach more than a ridiculous 143 beats / min. My arms tired but I wasn't even close to oxygen debt :P

On the elliptical I can reach 175 or so which mightbe my max on this machine but during my trial sprinting up a hill (200m or so) I did only reach 171 which is good for a VO2max training but far from my max measured HR (185, actually measured with my Garmin, not just a theoretical value).

Tomorrow I face an 8x200m (8x 0.12mi) interval. It should have been 8x100 but the damn Garmin has a minimum value of 0.12mi for intervals, same in metric (0.2 km). It utterly sucks but the last time I drew a line on the dirt a fat idiot had no better idea than erasing it (!) when she passed. I was of course too spaced out to notice until I had run twice the distance, but well... this will teach me not to trust fat innocent looking women, I bet she belongs to some kind of anti-sport sect in the middle of a Jihad. Well, this time I will use my Garmin and do 200m, the only thing the fat anti-sport jihadists can do is sending an EMP pulse. Bwahahahaaaa!

And after the lung-searing 1600m interval an 18 mi long run on Sunday which will be 11 mi at recovery pace plus 7 miles at 8:02 (my new target marathon pace is 7:50). 

So that was my week so far.

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