New HR Max (needs confirmation)

It seems that my max HR is indeed way higher than the 185 I measured last year: The highest value measured yesterday during a lung-searing VO2max interval was 215.
I still have to make a couple more of test. Indeed I thought that there was a problem with my HRM (Garmin FR60). I noticed that when I started my trainings the HR went way above the expected values. But as I wasn't getting into oxygen debt or feeling any other symptom of an unusually hard workout I blamed my gadgets.
However, after 1.5 / 2 miles of running above 9:00 thre rate went down to "normal". My pace in warm wheater at 130-143 bpm (my old 70% HR reserve) was under 8:40.
I was actually so upset with the HRM that I have been running without it almost a week pacing myself with the GPS or just by feeling. During the Egmond Half Marathon I was consistantly getting high values too but I decided to just ignore them. I did a PR at 1:39:15 and I felt like having been able to press more...
If I can confirm the 215 bpm a lot of things would start to make sense. I am however afraid that the change could be related to the cold weather. In any case: As I am in the second mesocycle and speed and LT workouts are required I will be able to confirm the data.
Whoooo! I will maybe have to rethink my marathon goal of 3:30:00 !!

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