Nutrition Trackers: Finally the Right One(TM)!!!

I have finally found the perfect nutrition tracker that will allow me to substitute my dare old FitDay 1.x

Not that this one is bad, it is a very good piece of software. The drawback is that it is Windows based and while it is running smoothly the virtual PC software does have an influence on the rest of the applications and it requires to be stopped before shutting down the  machine.

The act that I had not migrated yet was that I have data on this program since 2008 and a huge amount of recipes and custom food.

The application I am talking about is CRON-O-Meter and it has all what you need to track your calorie intake and nutrition with the added boons of running on the browser so that I can just add it to the startup tabs with Runninghead and this blog.

As a tool for sporters more interested in the nutrition itself than in loosing weight this tool offers many benefits as detailed tracking of macronutrientes including such things as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and micronutrients... and aminoacids (!) an extremely valuable feature for us vegetarians.

Another interesting feature is that the measures are in grams, including the amount in imperial units too, so that you don't even have to calculate: If you want an ounce you can see the amount in grams directly visible in the drop down menu.

The serving type and weight is easy to customize, unlike many other applications. And the food database is humongous as it does not only include the standard USDA database and it's Canadian counterpart, but it also allows the users to share their recipes and custom food.

It is of course linked to Facebook and Google+

There is a free and a "gold" subscription. The free one has a limit of 7 days for most of the reports. This shouldn't be a problem if you export the data as CSV and import them into Openoffice Calc or MS Excel. But on the other hand a full year costs around 27 EUR (some 35 USD) and that is not much from any point of view, other products like Trainingpeaks are more expensive, do the same on regard of diet and are far more of a hassle to use despite integrating training and nutrition.

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