Running with music (one time exception)

To be true, I don't like running with music for a long list of reasons, one of them and maybe the most important one is traffic security. But today I decided to give it a try as I really needed some extra motivation: I got a soar calf during today's 6 miler and I really didn't felt like running 17 miles in pain. So that I decided to do the long run as an extra long recovery run and to keep myself distracted I took my Sansa unit. As I didn't have to cross any roads there is no problem with traffic either.

Here is a sample of my playlist: Morbid Angel, Claw, Grave Wax, Bathory, Mayhem, Watain, Electric Wizard and Thergoton... sounds good eh?

Problem #1: Throwing the horns and the invisible orange running is not easy. No way... but mates, I'm 100% Trve and I can't avoid it! The experience of listening to Urgehal and Taake while running through the woods was actually rather weird.

Well, it wasn't actually that bad. I managed to keep the pace exactly at 9:00 as intended and at the end my calf feels actually way better. Awesome.

Well, anyway, I will not repeat the experience anytime soon as I really prefer to pay attention to my surroundings, even if the only thing I hear is the noise of traffic.

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