Recipe: Demon's Blood

I just invented a new hellish Cocktail: Demon's Blood!!!
The recipe:
  • 200ml of Red Beet Juice (best if biologic!) and of course, chilled from the fridge!!!
  • 1/2 clove of Garlic grated in the cheese grater or mashed, your choice
  • A dash of salt, I use Jozo Bewust (a Dutch brand), that's 68% potassium salt plus normal sodium salt
  • Pepper from the mill (black and straight from Avernus)
  • Tabasco sauce, dunno, 5 drops at least!!! 
This is a hell of a nice drink! Tons of carbs, tastes awesome, fresh, with the performance enhancing effects of beet juice, the anti-inflammatory effects of capsaicin and pepper, the circulatory enhancing benefits of garlic, the metabolic boost of capsaicin and a shot of potassium to compensate for the after-workout!!!
It doesn't quenches your thirst, it kills it dead!

I am thinking on adding a few grams of flax seeds and put it in the blender to add more nice stuff, but for now this will be enough!


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