Weekly Recap [week 11]

Week 15/18 for Utrecht Jaarbeurs Marathon 2012

So-so week in terms of performance: I started strong on both strength and running training but ended with an injury in my right elbow. I skipped a 4 miler recovery run on Saturday to go to Amsterdam with my wife and I cut Sunday's 20 miler short at 14.8 because of the pain in my arm and GI indisposition. In fact the second thing was caused by me goign to run in the evening instead of going in the morning before lunch, as planned. I have however learned a valuable lesson: My GI issues are not related to any special circumstance or diet but just to the fact hat it's not a good thing to run with full belly. Thus, problem solved in this regard. And as I never eat before a race except a gel or two and some liquid I will be more than OK.

Key Trainings:

  • Both, the strides and the VO2max session went quite good. I did the strides in Anna's Hoeve on a road so that I had more control over the actual distance. I was able to notice a failure of the Garmin 201 as it made one of the strides longer. The result was 2-3 points lower than my usual >5. During the VO2max run the result was above 44 while the standard is 40-42. That's good.
  • I runt the medium long run on Friday at marathon pace (the whole run) and with flats. My legs were still a bit stuff but afer warm up I gained a lot of momentum and speed.
  • Sunday's 20 miler was a mess: I was injured at my elbow and decided to make it a slow fun-run. I had to stop twice for a pee. At mile 9.80 I got a bad cramp in my belly and had to stop in the woods for [censored]. I fortunately use to carry paper hankies with me. At mile 14.8 I decided to stop because my back was hurting a lot caused by the extra strain of the elbow injury. I also got another belly cramp so that I just walked back home.  


  • I did 1o minutes of rope jumping which went quite nicely skipping most of the time. I stil jump too high so that it seems more like a pliometrics drill than proper rope jumping, but nice anyway. My calves were quite stiff during a few days.


  • Elbow Injury: During Friday's 11-miler my right arm was somewhat uncomfortable, I loosened the GPS and noticed a 'snapping' feeling, like a tendon moving from place or similar. Once at home I noticed that the elbow joint was (and still is) swollen to huge proportions. It hurts when I touch the Ulna and also the Flexor digitorum muscle 5-7cm from the elbow joint  and the Biceps brachii. Checking the internet I have found three possible causes: A displaced tendon, a biceps strain or a hyperextension injury. The cause is strength training.

Measures taken: RICE and Ibuprofen 3x400mg. A bit of tape on my forearm works also quite nicely, the movement of my hand is not affected. I bought a cold/warm therapy bag filled with some blue liquid that can be used for both things, works wonders(!). I am skipping strength training completely this week and doing elliptical instead to burn the necessary calories. I will anyway reduce the volume of weight lifting these last weeks. As the root cause is a muscle imbalance I will be doing some easy strength exercise for the hand extensors using a proteín container filled with 2kg (or so) of sand.  

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