Weekly Recap (Week 9)

Just starting a series of weekly recaps. This week I´m writing it on Saturday.

This is the last week of the mesocycle 2 (LT and endurance). Monday starts mesocycle 3: race preparation and  taper.

I started the week with a sore right calf. I indeed feared an injury and thus skipped the lunges during Monday's workout. It is still sore but it feels more like a normal case of soreness after workout. I took 2x 400mg of ibuprofen Sunday and Monday plus 5g L-glutamin extra in the recovery drinks.

The week was quite intense with a 9mi VO2 max interval with 5x 1000m + 500m. I did however onnly reach a VO2max of 49.6 while I can reach 51.2 in a LT run. My max HR is also never higher than 168.I am actually puzzled about this value as I have been able to see values as high as 215 and 191 on past VO2max intervals. I have to say that I was running with caution because of the sore calf.

I changed the strength workout to include a full set of core exercises based on Runnerdude's  core routine and skipping the ab crunches from Scooby's intermediate workout.

Yesterday I did a 12 miler at Medium  / Long Run pace. Pfizinger recommends a progression towards a pave 10-20 secs slower than the marathon pace (MP) so that you do a 60% of the run at this pace. I was doing this at the beginning as a 40%-60% interval, but since some weeks ago I do them directly at the target pace. Some actually almost at my target marathon pace. Yesterday I changed my strategy to use the Training Assistant on my Garmin, which showed to be a extremely good option as you set the target pace and distance and you can then adjust your run to it. I do set it a bit slower than my target as I use to race against it (can help it!).

I had scheduled a 5 miler at recovery pace .in huaraches but as I am going for some drinks to Amsterdam I swapped the 18 miler at MP to today. I actually wanted to make a double but my wife was bitching so that will finally do it tomorrow morning.

The 18 miler went extremely good finishing at 7:42, average pace. My target marathon pace is 8:00 - 8:02 so that I am quite confident of making a strong race and finishing on target.

I runt without food or hydration, my hydration level  before the run was 57.2% and after the run and recovery drink 57%.

Before the run I took 52g of my 4:1 mix of maltodextrine and soy protein, 200ml of  beet juice, coffee, and the full dosage of L-carnitine, L-Glutamine, beta-alanine, Ca and Mg and B-complex complements plus 3x1500mg of essential aminoacids. I felt a bit strange during the first part of the run, like drunk but without any real effect on my perception and functioning or coordination but just the warm and somewhat dizzy feel.

Tomorrow I will do the remaining 5 recovery miles in huaraches early in the morning. I do not expect any problems with my calves as I know the exact cause of it and it was a combination of last week's 10k time trial and the hill workouts.

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