End of the Season: Setting goals for the intermediate period

short sum up

Well, the season is over for me. Now I will take a rest and plan the next season and what to do in between.

My plans are first two full weeks of complete or almost complete rest and after that two or three months of alternative training.

My wish list includes bodybuilding (my all-times favourite for these periods), rope jumping and "fun runs". The latter means to just pick a place or a time, put on my huaraches or whatever I fancy and run. No GPS, no HRM, no nothing, I actually plan to just  check the time on my computer's clock before elaving and after return, and that just to keep track of the burnt calories.

Regarding nutrition and calories this time of lower effort is ideal to start an Intermittent Fasting diet (one or two days a week, no complicated 36/12 stuff or so). 

The first two weeks I am not going to do anything and I am not going to restrain my eating patterns in any way. Later I may want to increase the intake of calories, etc. 

More about that when I do the planning.

Tomorrow after the last race (Spieren voor Spieren 2012) I will make a recap of the entire season and decide what to do the next season in terms of setting goals and decide races, etc.


  1. Keep weight under control
  2. Improve upper body strenght
  3. Improve feet musculature
  4. Have a lot of fun

For goal #1 I will start the Interval Fasting program on May 7. (this means two weeks from now).I will have to add a "notes" entry to my cronometer.com nutrition log to keep track of the nutrients.

For #2 I will surely go back to Scooby's proven workouts and maybe add one or two different workouts. Another option would be crossfit, I will maybe try a week or two with crossfit. The problem with the latter is on one side that it will be difficult to fit into my working week and it's  too noisy to do early in the morning. Well, I will see. And there is also the fact that I want to target a specific group of muscles; the upper body, while I already do an extensive workout for the core muscles and legs.

For #3 I will obviously include a lot of minimal running in huaraches plus the foot strenght workout. 

For #4 I will just go out and run, no clock, no nothing. Just enjoy. Slow, no hurry and surely with huaraches as often as I can.

The goal is to reach the new schedule in perfect shape and reloaded.



New PR at Utrecht Jaarbeurs Marathon 2012

Awesome. Quoting Hannibal Smith "I love it when a plan comes together!".
21 weeks of training with two excellent highlights: 1:39:xx at Egmond, almost untrained and 3:21:47 (official) at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs Marathon 2012. My placing is 27th among my age group and 130 of the total (!).

This actually means 7 minutes less than my wildest calculations. I would have been quite happy with 3:30 - 3:45 (Boston qualifying time). I was actually happily keeping the pace with the 3:45 and the 3:30 pacemakers but I went annoyed by the crowd and the balloon hitting my face.

I loved it. I was able to run almost the whole run without water or fluids which means that I was perfectly hydrated and carb loaded. I hate the idea of running with my hydration backpack, I will better leave it for the next season when I start doing ultras. If I had carried it I would have been able to carry a couple more of gels and make an even better time and the weather today would have allowed it, but I hated just thinking on carrying extra weight.

Another result of the training was that I was able to foresee the moment when I was going to "hit the wall" and stop at a watering hole to refuel. The timing was perfect. My pace went down at the end but I had accumulated enough buffer to reach my goal below 3:30. And as I already said I wouldn't have minded ending at 3:45.

When I finished I was rather hypothermic and extremely confused. During the last miles I almost lost my way a couple of times and I wasn't sure if I was already over the finish line or not so that I kept on sprinting some more yards. I walked to the Jaarbeurs Convention Centre and laid myself down for a good while, my lips were blue and I felt prickling on my tongue.  But after a hot coffee, warm fries and an alcohol free beer I was again as new.

Another "injury" that I suffered is a bloody nipple. Again. It's the second time I chafe my nipples in this run! The first time was in 2011 during the Jaarbeurs Half Marathon and then this year. It's like a course set on this place or so, because I never had any issues anywhere else. LOL.

Besides of that I am perfectly fine and ready to run for a PR on the next 10K here in Hilversum!!!

As a said: I love it when plans come together.